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Showtimes, Directions, Rules & our Outside Food Policy:
(410) 687-5627
(410) 391-1956


Our Admission price is per person. Your first visit? Go here: Be Ready To Attend

For information on our no Outside Food And Beverage (OFAB) Policy please scroll down or Click Here

  • General Admission- Varies from $5 to $10 per person. (Over the age of 10)
  • Child Admission- $5 per child. (Children 4 to 10 years old, and in cars)
  • Children under 4 are Free! (in cars)
  • Cash ONLY at the Box Office!

We Card! If a "R" rated movie is anywhere in our line-up no-one under 17 is admitted with out accompanying parent or adult guardian (Not ANY adult, but the adult who has gaurdianship over the child.) In the case of NC-17, which has not come up yet, no-one under the age of 18 will be admitted. For more information on film rating guidlines please visit

(Admission varies with the time of the season, and the type of product showing.)

What decides the admission price in any given program  is the "run" of the product, and whether it is FIRST RUN "on the break", FIRST RUN "off the break", and (or) SUB RUN, along with the combination of features.

Whenever we can save you money, we will!!

Reduced admission** for Late Shows:
$5.00 per person regardless of age. Reduced admission is granted for those who arrive just before the third feature we typically run on Friday and Saturday nights or before the second feature we typically run on Sunday (and or any other weekdays we may be open.) If the Main Feature plays in the last position there is no late admission, regular admission applies. In some cases of combinations of film, it is not possible to allow a reduced admission.

**NOTE: At most of the times that reduced admission is offered, reduced admission begins 15 minutes prior to the published show time of the last feature playing, and it ends 15 minutes after the published start time which is also the time the box office closes. This "window" of opportunity could be shorter if the show is beginning AFTER the Box Office closes. NO ONE may enter the theatre AFTER the box office closes. (Violators are prosecuted)  YOU MUST arrive within that timeframe in order to get the reduced admission. To see if the reduced admission applies OR for clarity, call the recorded information line at 410 687-5627, OR 410 391-1956, if it is not clear on the web site.
NO ONE IS ADMITTED TO THE THEATRE ONCE THE BOX OFFICE IS CLOSED.  Trying to gain admission to the theatre after the box office is closed (entering the premises while the movie is running and the box office is closed) is considered "failure to pay" which is the same as shoplifting.  If you enter this theatre under those circumstances regardless of your intention, the theatre will prosecute.  We know there are nice people out there, but unfortunately, we are unable to sell tickets after the box office is closed, so entry will be denied regardless.  We thank you for this kind cooperation.

Historic Night SUNDAYS
If you are the DRIVER of a REGISTERED HISTORIC vehicle, You the Driver get FREE admission, just for Joining us on SUNDAY (except holidays). All other passengers pay regular admission.

NOTICE: From MEMORIAL THROUGH LABOR DAY WEEKEND, We will not allow one person in a vehicle to occupy space on busy nights.  TO BE CLEAR: The policy will apply to all Friday & Saturdays until September, with an exception to Friday IF you arrive on the roadway within 15 minutes of the PUBLISHED box office opening time.  It will NOT apply to Sundays except for holiday Sundays, like labor day weekend Sunday. If you are joining others here at the Bengies, please "hook up" outside the theatre and use one vehicle.  We cannot turn away families because we ran out of space due to folks thinking that the Bengies is a parking lot!  You MAY park at our good neighbor's lot that is the yellow or orange-ish brick building next to the drive-in theater's entrance, (Austen's) if you park correctly, and then you may walk down the roadway to purchase a ticket and join your party.    IF YOU ARE A REGULAR CUSTOMER that normally comes alone, PLEASE email us through the website at least 2 days prior to your visit and tell us who you are, the year, make, color and model of your vehicle and we may be able to email you an exception.   To send us an email, Click HERE or go to the Contact Us page.



Outside food and beverages are restricted from the premises. We will offer this option: You must purchase a permit to bring outside food &/or beverage at the box office BEFORE YOU ENTER the theatre. As per conditions of the permit, You may not share food or drink with persons who came in other vehicles. PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGE PERMIT is currently $10.00. 

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Friday, Nov 16th through Saturday, Nov 17th

Box Office Opens This Week
Fri - 6:00pm / Sat - 4:15pm

Dr. Seuss' The Grinch
Rated: PG
Starts: Fri - 7:00pm / Sat - 5:00pm

First Man
Rated: PG-13
Starts: Fri - 8:45pm / Sat - 7:00pm

Halloween (2018)
Rated: R
Starts: Fri - 11:15pm / Sat - 9:30pm